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Standing Orders

Title Division Order Number Order Datesort ascending
Video Conference Hearings In Cases Due to COVID-19 Response all 20-05 2020-03-31
Suspending the policy for signed consents to accompany defense motions to continue trials in criminal cases all 20-04 2020-03-20
Changes to Court Operations Due to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) all 20-03 2020-03-17
Limited Access to Courthouses - COVID-19 Coronavirus all 20-02 2020-03-13
Electronic Submission of Exhibits All 20-01 2020-01-21
19-04 Providing Counsel for Persons Eligible for Relief based upon United States v Davis All 19-04 2019-10-31
Discovery Materials in Criminal Cases in the District of South Dakota All 19-03 2019-04-23
CJA Panel Selection Committee for the Central Division - Second Amended Order Central 2019-04-17
Providing Counsel for Persons Potentially Eligible for Relief Under the First Step Act All 19-01 2019-01-10
Protocol Within the United States Federal Buildings and U.S. Courthouses All 18-03 2018-10-15
Transcript Fees for Official Court Reporters All 18-02 2018-06-20
CJA Panel Selection Committee for the Southern Division - Sixth Amended Order Southern 2018-05-23
Designation of the Jurisdiction of the United States Magistrate Judge for the District of South Dakota - Western Division Western 2018-04-02
Exercise of Adjoining District Jurisdiction by United States Magistrate Judges All 18-01 2018-01-16
Jurisdiction of Magistrate Judge Moreno All 17-03 2017-06-08
Disclosure of Recommended Special Conditions All 17-01 2017-04-06
Jurisdiction of Magistrate Judge Gerdes All 17-02 2017-02-14
Access to criminal documents and transcripts - Amended All 16-04 2016-12-09
Court Registry Investment System All 2016-11-29
CJA Panel Selection Committee for the Western Division Amended Western 2016-10-20
CJA Panel Selection Committee for the Central Division Amended Central 2016-09-14
CJA Panel Selection Committee for the Northern Division - Amended Northern 2016-06-03
Counsel for Persons Potentially eligible for relief under US vs Johnson All 2015-11-19
Pretrial Services Reports filed in CM/ECF All 2015-10-15
Jurisdiction of Magistrate Judge Wollmann All 2015-03-17