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Fee Schedule

250.00 Attorney Admission Fee
19.00 Attorney admission certificate - duplicate
505.00 Appeal to 8th circuit court
38.00 Appeal to a district judge from a judgment of conviction by a magistrate
11.00 Certified Copy (+ cost of copies)
19.00 Certificate of Good Standing
400.00 Civil Complaint Filing Fee
22.00 Exemplification of any document or paper (+ cost of copies)
5.00 Habeas Corpus Petition Filing Fee
47.00 Miscellaneous Case Fee - Filing or indexing any paper not in a case in which no filing fee has been paid. (Examples: Foreign Deposition Subpoena, Registration of Foreign Judgement, Petition to Perpetuate Testimony, Notice of Receivership)
150.00 Motion to quash Administrative Subpoena
31.00 Name search and certification of same
47.00 Power of Attorney (filing fee/revocation fee)
100.00 Pro Hac Vice fee
1.50 faxed copies per page (in or out)
.50 Reproduction of any record on paper (per page)
.10 Printing copies of records or documents accessed electronically (per page)
64.00 Retrieval of a record or one box from the Federal Records Center.
$39 per each additional box retrieved from the Federal Records Center
53.00 Any payment returned/denied for insufficient funds
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