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South Dakota Jury Instructions

Title Case_Typesort descending Judge Issue/Charge Year_Filed Division Case_Number Document
USA v Kevin Farmer CRIMINAL Kornmann Bank Fraud, Counterfeit Securities 2 007 Northern 07-10046 PDF icon 07-10041.pdf
USA vs. Anthony Klein CRIMINAL Viken Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance 2 014 Western CR14-50120 PDF icon klein.pdf
USA v Thomas R. Kelley CRIMINAL Piersol Failure to Appear 2 010 Southern 10-40010 PDF icon 10-40100.pdf
USA vs. Roderick Dupris CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault 2 018 Central CR18-30119 PDF icon dupris.pdf
USA vs. Randy Garriss CRIMINAL Piersol Conspiracy to Defraud the United States; Attempts to Interfere with Administration of Internal Revenue Laws 2 017 Southern CR17-40058 PDF icon garriss.pdf
USA v Robert Plenty Chief CRIMINAL Kornmann Aggravated Sexual Abuse 2 007 Northern 06-10037 PDF icon 06-10037.pdf
USA vs. Wesley Running Shield CRIMINAL Viken ROBBERY 2 014 Western CR14-50058 PDF icon running shield.pdf
USA vs. David E. Cox CRIMINAL Viken FAILURE TO PAY LEGAL CHILD SUPPORT 2 013 Western 13-50082 PDF icon 13-50082 Binder1.pdf
USA v Thomas R. Kelley CRIMINAL Piersol Filing False Tax Claim, Tax Evasion 2 008 Southern 08-40173 PDF icon 08-40173.pdf
USA vs. Kevin Jay Mast CRIMINAL Schreier Disturbing Protected Wetlands of the United States (lesser included) 2 017 Southern CR17-40078 PDF icon mast.pdf
USA vs. Samuel White Horse CRIMINAL Lange Second Degree Murder; Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury; Tampering with Evidence 2 020 Central CR20-30058 PDF icon samuel white horse.pdf
USA v. Carl Campbell CRIMINAL Schreier Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud, and Coercion 2 012 Southern 12-40039 PDF icon 12-40039.pdf
USA v Jason Johnson CRIMINAL Battey Felon in Possession of a Firearm 2 007 Western 07-50127 PDF icon 07-50127.pdf
USA vs. Keith Hagen CRIMINAL Kornmann Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud 2 016 Northern CR16-10006 PDF icon keith hagen.pdf
USA v Phillip Pond CRIMINAL Viken Possession of Firearm by a Prohibited Person 2 018 Western CR18-50106 PDF icon pond.pdf
USA v Ronald Fischer, Jr CRIMINAL Piersol Sexual Abuse 2 007 Southern 07-40081 PDF icon 07-40081.pdf
USA vs. Tyrone Steven Andrews CRIMINAL Lange Abusive Sexual Contact 2 015 Central CR15-30120 PDF icon andrews.pdf
USA v JL Dye CRIMINAL Lange Consipiracy to Distribute Marijuana 2 010 Central 10-30098 PDF icon 10-30098.pdf
USA vs. Wendell Archambeau CRIMINAL Schreier Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child Under Twelve Years; Abusive Sexual Contact with a Child Under Twelve Years 2 018 Southern CR18-40103 PDF icon wendell archambeau.pdf
USA vs. Luis Torres CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 021 Central CR21-30022 PDF icon luis torres.pdf
USA v Ronald R. Martel CRIMINAL Kornmann Aggravated Sexual Abuse 2 007 Northern 06-10028 PDF icon 06-10028.pdf
USA vs. Daigre Douville CRIMINAL Viken THEFT OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY 2 013 Western CR13-50152 PDF icon 13-50152.pdf
USA v Pascal L. Two Elk CRIMINAL Kornmann Aggravated sexual abuse of a child 2 005 Central 05-30121 PDF icon 05-30121.pdf
USA vs. Luciano Camberos-Villapuda CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 013 Southern CR13-40104 PDF icon camberos villapuda.pdf
USA v. Randa Kent Hansen CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud 2 014 Southern 13-40053 PDF icon 13-40053.pdf
USA v Marc Sean Wisecarver CRIMINAL Battey Depredation of Government Property 2 008 Western 08-50087 PDF icon 08-50087.second.trial_.pdf
USA vs. Orlando Dones-Vargas CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance; Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 017 Southern CR17-40086 PDF icon dones vargas.pdf
USA vs. Frank Sanchez CRIMINAL Schreier Abusive Sexual Contact 2 019 Southern CR19-40113 PDF icon frank sanchez.pdf
USA v. Leon Donald Farlee CRIMINAL Lange Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 012 Central 12-30051 PDF icon 12-30051.pdf
USA v James Victor McGilberry, Jr. CRIMINAL Schreier Conspirarcy to Distribute 2 008 Western 08-50081 PDF icon 08-50081.pdf
USA vs. Marlon Iron Crow CRIMINAL Viken Second Degree Murder 2 016 Western CR16-50148 PDF icon iron crow.pdf
USA vs. Keven Allen Lamm, a/k/a Mike Malone CRIMINAL Schreier Distribution and Receipt of Child Pornography; Production of Child Pornography; Possession of Child Pornography 2 017 Southern CR17-40040 PDF icon lamm.pdf
USA v Harvey L. Langdeau CRIMINAL Piersol Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury 2 008 Central 08-30011 PDF icon 08-30011.pdf
USA vs. Franklin Long Black Cat CRIMINAL Viken Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury 2 016 Western CR16-50043 PDF icon long black cat.pdf
USA v Prairie Rose Whit Buffalo CRIMINAL Kornmann Second Degree Murder 2 010 Northern 10-10035 PDF icon 10-10035.pdf
USA vs. Zam Lian Mung CRIMINAL Viken Attempted Commercial Sex Trafficking of Children; Attempted Enticement of a Minor Using the Internet 2 018 Western CR18-50091 PDF icon mung.pdf
USA vs. Jade LaRoche CRIMINAL Lange Assaulting, Opposing, Resisting, Impeding, Intimidating, or Interfering with a Federal Officer Involving Physical Contact (Lesser Included) 2 022 Central CR22-30003 PDF icon jade laroche.pdf
USA v June Garcia CRIMINAL Kornmann Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 007 Northern 07-10010 PDF icon 07-10010.pdf
USA v Duane David West CRIMINAL Lange Aggravated Sexual Abuse By Force 2 009 Central 09-30064 PDF icon 09-30064.pdf
USA vs. Pete Knight CRIMINAL Lange Assaulting, Resisting, Opposing, and Impeding a Federal Officer 2 017 Central CR17-30086 PDF icon knight.pdf
USA vs. Wicahpe Milk CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance; Prohibited Person in Possession of Firearm; Obstruction of Justice 2 016 Western CR16-50149 PDF icon wicahpe milk.pdf
USA v Wesley Wade Running Shield CRIMINAL Viken Felon in Possession of Firearm & Ammunition 2 012 Western 12-50138 PDF icon 12-50138[1].pdf
USA vs. Felix Johnson, Jr. CRIMINAL Kornmann Assault by Striking, Beating or Wounding 2 015 Northern CR15-10014 PDF icon felix johnson.pdf
USA vs. Eli Erickson, a/k/a Black CRIMINAL Lange Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance; Possession of a Firearm in Furtherance of a Drug Trafficking Crime; Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person 2 018 Central CR18-30148 PDF icon erickson.pdf
USA v Annessa White Eagle, et al. CRIMINAL Kornmann Assault with Dangerous Weapon, Burglary 2 008 Northern 08-10009 PDF icon 08-10009.pdf
USA vs. Theodore Nelson Jr. a/k/a Ted Nelson CRIMINAL Piersol Unlawful taking of Bald Eagle; Unlawful Use of Pesticide 2 015 Southern CR15-40109 PDF icon nelson.pdf
USA v Leo Villarreal CRIMINAL Viken Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 010 Western 10-50082 PDF icon 10-50082.pdf
USA vs. Xavier Zephier CRIMINAL Schreier Aggravated Sexual Abuse 2 018 Southern CR18-40023 PDF icon zephier.pdf
USA vs. Casey Lynn Crow Ghost CRIMINAL Kornmann First Degree Murder; Use of a Firearm During a Crime of Violence That Causes Death 2 021 Northern CR21-10003 PDF icon crow ghost.pdf
USA v John Hughes CRIMINAL Schreier Lacey Act Violation 2 006 Western 06-50080 PDF icon 06-50080.pdf