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South Dakota Jury Instructions

Title Case_Type Judge Issue/Chargesort descending Year_Filed Division Case_Number Document
USA v James One Feather CRIMINAL Kornmann Sexual Abuse 2 010 Northern 10-10023 PDF icon 10-10023 redacted.pdf
USA v Lemoyne W. Blindman CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse 2 010 Central 10-30099 PDF icon 10-30099.pdf
USA v Jerry Matthew Chasing Hawk CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse 2 011 Central 11-30041 PDF icon 11-30041.pdf
USA v Daniel Tobacco CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse 2 012 Western 12-50075 PDF icon 12-50075 redacted.pdf
USA vs. Brandon Lindemann CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse 2 020 Western CR20-50113 PDF icon lindemann.pdf
USA vs. Buddy Robert Poor Bear CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse 2 021 Central CR21-30074 PDF icon buddy poor bear.pdf
USA vs. Anthony Fast Horse CRIMINAL Lange SEXUAL ABUSE AND AIDING AND ABETTING 2 012 Central CR12-30034 PDF icon fast horse.pdf
USA v. Roman White Calf CRIMINAL Schreier Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 008 Western 08-50098 PDF icon 08-50098.pdf
USA v Joseph Fool Head CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 011 Western 11-50048 PDF icon 11-50048.pdf
USA v. T.I.M. CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 011 Central 11-30075 PDF icon 11-30075_Redacted.pdf
USA vs. Stoney End of Horn CRIMINAL Kornmann SEXUAL ABUSE OF A MINOR 2 013 Northern CR13-10037 PDF icon end of horn.pdf
USA vs. Leon Janis CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 019 Western CR19-50065 PDF icon leon janis.pdf
USA vs. Luis Torres CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 021 Central CR21-30022 PDF icon luis torres.pdf
USA vs. Loren Goodlow CRIMINAL Schreier Sexual Abuse of a Minor; Abusive Sexual Contact; Attempted Receipt of Child Pornography; Tampering with a Witness 2 023 Western CR23-50068 PDF icon goodlow.pdf
USA vs. Jay Leslie Haggard CRIMINAL Schreier Sexual Abuse of a Minor; Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to a Child 2 017 Southern CR17-40082 PDF icon haggard.pdf
USA vs. Gregory Laroche, Sr. CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Person Incapable of Consent 2 018 Central CR18-30023 PDF icon laroche.pdf
USA vs. Darren Flute CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Person Incapable of Consent 2 021 Central CR21-30076 PDF icon flute.pdf
USA v Patrick Brown Thunder CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Person Incapable of Consenting 2 011 Central 11-30133 PDF icon 11-30113.final_.pdf
USA vs. Mousseaux CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of Minor; Abusive Sexual Contact 2 022 Southern CR22-40122 PDF icon Mousseaux.pdf
USA v Keith Hawkman CRIMINAL Schreier Sexual Abuse, Abusive Sexual Contact 2 007 Central 07-30004 PDF icon 07-30004.pdf
USA vs. Quentin Peter Bruguier, Jr. CRIMINAL Schreier Sexual Abuse; Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child; Abusive Sexual Contact 2 017 Southern CR17-40088 PDF icon bruguier.pdf
USA vs. Charles "CJ" Good Voice Elk CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse; Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 018 Western CR18-50159 PDF icon good voice elk.pdf
USa vs. Vincent Alberto Barrios CRIMINAL D. Price Marshall, Jr. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Attempted Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Enticement of a Minor using the Internet, Receipt of Child Pornography; Attempted Receipt of Child Pornograph 2 023 Western CR23-50123 PDF icon barrios.pdf
USA vs. Kyle Garrett Soto CRIMINAL Schreier Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Attempted Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Enticement of a Minor using the Internet; Receipt of Child Pornography; Possession of Child Pornography 2 018 Western CR18-50050 PDF icon soto.pdf
USA vs. Henry Chase Alone CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Incest 2 018 Western CR18-50117 PDF icon chase alone.pdf
USA v Joseph Jimmy Reynolds, III CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault 2 009 Central 09-30106 PDF icon 09-30106.pdf
USA vs. Roderick Dupris CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault 2 018 Central CR18-30119 PDF icon dupris.pdf
USA vs. Barbara McGhee CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault 2 021 Central CR21-30038 PDF icon mcghee.pdf
USA vs. Martin Tre Black Cloud CRIMINAL Kornmann Simple Assault (Lesser Included) 2 022 Northern CR22-10038 PDF icon black cloud.pdf
USA vs. Francis Stanford Stricker CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault (Lesser Included) 2 019 Central CR19-30041 PDF icon stricker.pdf
USA vs. Walks CRIMINAL Kornmann Simple Assault; Assault by Striking, Beating or Wounding 2 022 Northern CR22-10029 PDF icon Walks.pdf
USA vs. Phillip Mound CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault; Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury 2 016 Central CR16-30169 PDF icon phillip mound.pdf
USA vs. Carlin Jimi Jewett, Jr CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault; Child Abuse 2 017 Central CR17-30063 PDF icon jewett.pdf
USA vs. Adam Bordeaux CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault; Domestic Assault by Habitual Offender 2 015 Central CR15-30136 PDF icon bordeaux.pdf
USA v. Wayne D. Breitag CRIMINAL Kornmann Smuggling 2 009 Northern 09-10035 PDF icon 09-10035TT.pdf
USA vs. Jordi Raul Rogel-Rodas CRIMINAL Schreier Smuggling Goods from the United States 2 021 Southern CR21-40058 PDF icon rogal-rodas.pdf
USA vs. Robert John Hulscher and Nicholas Ryan Hemsher CRIMINAL Schreier Stealing Firearms and Aiding and Abetting stealing of Firearms; Felon in Possession of Firearms 2 016 Southern CR16-40070 PDF icon hulscher hemsher.pdf
USA v Robert Medaris CRIMINAL Lange Tampering 2 010 Central 10-30057 PDF icon 10-30057.pdf
USA v Eileen Janis CRIMINAL Schreier Theft from an Indian Tribal Organization 2 007 Western 07-50043 PDF icon 06-50043.pdf
USA vs. Sidney Marshall CRIMINAL Viken Theft of Firearms; Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person; Possession of a Stolen Firearm 2 019 Western CR19-50049 PDF icon marshall.pdf
USA v Jana Larraine Harford CRIMINAL Kornmann Theft of Government Funds 2 012 Northern 12-10014 PDF icon 12-10014.pdf
USA v. Patricia Maki CRIMINAL Viken Theft of Government Property 2 012 Western 12-50028 PDF icon 12-50028.pdf
USA vs. Daigre Douville CRIMINAL Viken THEFT OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY 2 013 Western CR13-50152 PDF icon 13-50152.pdf
USA vs. Holli Lundahl CRIMINAL Reade Theft of Government Property; Supplemental Security Income Benefits Fraud 2 019 Western CR19-50156 PDF icon lundahl.pdf
Gregory Warger v. Randy Shauers CIVIL Viken Tort / Motor Vehicle 2 008 Western 08-5092 PDF icon 08-5092-1.pdf
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc vs. Rushmore Photo & Gifts et al CIVIL Viken Trademark Infringement 2 011 Western CIV11-5052 PDF icon smri.pdf
Erickson vs. Larson Auto World CIVIL Schreier Truth in Lending 2 014 Southern CIV14-4030 PDF icon erickson.pdf
Ryan Boddicker v Esurance, Inc. CIVIL Schreier Uniformed Services Employment & Re-employ Rights Act 2 009 Southern 09-4027 PDF icon 09-4027.pdf
USA vs. Theodore Nelson Jr. a/k/a Ted Nelson CRIMINAL Piersol Unlawful taking of Bald Eagle; Unlawful Use of Pesticide 2 015 Southern CR15-40109 PDF icon nelson.pdf
USA v Ronald Bonestroo CRIMINAL Schreier USA v Ronald Bonestroo 2 011 Southern 11-40016 PDF icon 11-40016 Binder2.pdf