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South Dakota Jury Instructions

Title Case_Type Judge Issue/Charge Year_Filed Division Case_Number Document
USA vs. Scott Thompson CRIMINAL Viken FALSE CLAIMS 2 011 Western CR11-50054 PDF icon thompson instructions.pdf
USA vs. Michael Heath Thetford CRIMINAL Lange FELON IN POSSESSION OF FIREARM 2 011 Central CR11-30159 PDF icon 11-30159.pdf
USA vs. Mary Peneaux CRIMINAL Lange ARSON 2 013 Central CR13-30188 PDF icon 13-30188.pdf
USA vs. Brett Charles Roach CRIMINAL Kornmann ASSAULT RESULTING IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY 2 013 Northern CR13-10038 PDF icon 13-10038.pdf
USA vs. Jerry Golliher CRIMINAL Schreier COMMERCIAL SEX TRAFFICKING 2 013 Western CR13-50106 PDF icon 13-50106.pdf
USA vs. Shannon White Buffalo CRIMINAL Lange AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD; ABUSIVE SEXUAL CONTACT; SEXUAL ABUSE OF A MINOR 2 013 Central CR13-30149 PDF icon white buffalo.pdf
USA vs. Stoney End of Horn CRIMINAL Kornmann SECOND DEGREE MURDER; ASSAULT RESULTING IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY 2 013 Northern CR13-10062 PDF icon end of horn 13-10062.pdf
USA vs. Stoney End of Horn CRIMINAL Kornmann SEXUAL ABUSE OF A MINOR 2 013 Northern CR13-10037 PDF icon end of horn.pdf
USA vs. Justin Janis CRIMINAL Viken Assault on a Federal Officer 2 014 Western CR14-50013 PDF icon 14-50013.pdf
USA vs. Esteban Chavez-Cruz, a/k/a "Amigo" CRIMINAL Schreier CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 2 014 Southern CR14-40021 PDF icon 14-40021.pdf
USA vs. Lance Majestic House CRIMINAL Schreier FELON IN POSSESSION OF FIREARM 2 014 Southern 14-40005 PDF icon 14-40005 final.pdf
Couch v. Lyon et al CIVIL Lange Diversity-Personal Injury 2 012 Central 12-3029 PDF icon 12-3029.pdf
USA vs. Veronica Fairchild CRIMINAL Schreier Making and Subscribing a False Tax Return 2 013 Southern CR13-40072 PDF icon fairchild.pdf
Norgauer vs. Graham CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Medical Malpractice 2 011 Southern 11-4124 PDF icon 11-4124 norgauer.pdf
USA v. Godfrey CRIMINAL Lange AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD 2 013 Central 13-30118 PDF icon 13-30118 redacted final instructions.pdf
USA vs. Hebb CRIMINAL Lange INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER 2 013 Central 13-30018 PDF icon 13-30018 hebb.pdf
Huiner v. Arlington School District, et al. CIVIL Schreier Civil Rights Act 2 011 Southern 11-4172 PDF icon 11-4172 huiner.pdf
USA v. Larive CRIMINAL Viken Commercial Sex Trafficking 2 013 Western 13-50100 PDF icon 13-50100 larive.pdf
Brindle v. Hampden Engineering Corporation CIVIL Schreier Contract Dispute 2 012 Southern 12-4172 PDF icon 12-4172.pdf
North Star Mutual Insurance vs. CNH America CIVIL Schreier Diversity - Insurance Contract 2 011 Southern 11-4133 PDF icon 11-4133.pdf
D & M Iron Horse Inn, LLC v. United Fire & Casualty Company CIVIL Viken Diversity-Insurance Contract 2 011 Western 11-5075 PDF icon 11-50075 combined.pdf
USA v. Randa Kent Hansen CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud 2 014 Southern 13-40053 PDF icon 13-40053.pdf
USA vs. David E. Cox CRIMINAL Viken FAILURE TO PAY LEGAL CHILD SUPPORT 2 013 Western 13-50082 PDF icon 13-50082 Binder1.pdf
USA v. Wesley Thunder Bull CRIMINAL Viken Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 013 Western 13-50110 PDF icon 13-50110 - combined.pdf
USA v Mohammed Sharif Alaboudi CRIMINAL Schreier CONSPIRACY TO ENGAGE IN SEX TRAFFICKING 2 012 Southern 12-40017-2 PDF icon 12-40017 Alaboudi.pdf
USA v. Jeffrey Harley Strom; and Austin Jon Dalsted CRIMINAL Piersol Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 013 Southern 13-40040 PDF icon 13-40040.pdf
Anna Fair vs Nash Finch Company and Sedgwick CMS CIVIL Viken Diversity-Account Receivable 2 011 Western 11-5005 PDF icon 11-5005.pdf
USA vs. Zachary Poorman CRIMINAL Lange AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE and AID AND ABETTING 2 013 Central 13-30042 PDF icon 13-30042.pdf
USA vs. Michael Alford and Philana Red Feather CRIMINAL Viken LARCENY AND AIDIDNG AND ABETTING 2 013 Western 13-50037 PDF icon 13-50037 redacted.pdf
USA vs Ronnie Fire Cloud CRIMINAL Kornmann ABUSIVE SEXUAL CONTACT 2 013 Northern 12-10072 PDF icon 12-10072_Redacted.pdf
Erik Jorgensen vs. Dave Schneider, and the City of Belle Fourche, SD CIVIL Viken Civil Rights (Employment Discrimination) 2 010 Western 10-5021 PDF icon 10-5021.pdf
USA v. Martin Garreau CRIMINAL Lange ASSAULT WITH A DANGEROUS WEAPON and AID AND ABET 2 013 Central 13-30062 PDF icon 13-30062.pdf
Deane Berg v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. CIVIL Schreier Product Liability 2 009 Southern 09-4179 PDF icon 09-4179.pdf
USA v. Kmelia No Moccasin CRIMINAL Lange INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER 2 013 Central 13-30010 PDF icon 13-30010.pdf
USA vs. Theresa Vocu, Zeno Little, and Wesley Yellow Horse, Sr. CRIMINAL Viken CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE METHAMPHETAMINE 2 012 Western 12-50059 PDF icon 12-50059.pdf
USA vs. Randy Never Misses A Shot CRIMINAL Lange Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child 2 013 Central 13-30013 PDF icon 13-30013 combined.pdf
USA v. Chad Two Hearts CRIMINAL Lange AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD 2 012 Central 12-30108 PDF icon 12-30108.pdf
USA v. Corey Good Crow CRIMINAL Viken Aggravated Sexual Abuse 2 012 Western 12-50121 PDF icon 12-50121.pdf
USA v. Jerome Rouse CRIMINAL Schreier Assault With a Dangerous Weapon 2 013 Southern 13-40013 PDF icon 13-40013.pdf
Hot Stuff Foods, LLC v. Houston Casualty Company CIVIL Schreier Breach of Contract 2 011 Southern 11-4055 PDF icon 11-4055.pdf
USA v mario M. Contreras CRIMINAL Piersol Second Degree Murder 2 012 Northern 12-10047 PDF icon 12-10047.pdf
USA v Stanley Blake Morrison CRIMINAL Lange Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury 2 013 Central 13-30077 PDF icon 13-30077.pdf
USA vs. Timothy Geogre Buckman CRIMINAL Viken Felon in Possession of a Firearm 2 013 Western 13-50052 PDF icon 13-50052.pdf
USA vs. Alex Lee Salway CRIMINAL Viken Distribution Controlled Substance 2 012 Western 12-50066 PDF icon 12-50066.pdf
USA v. Lawrence Harvey CRIMINAL Viken Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 012 Western 12-50125 PDF icon 12-50125.pdf
USA vs. William Clifford CRIMINAL Viken ASSAULT WITH A DANGEROUS WEAPON AND AIDING AND ABETTING 2 012 Western 12-50145 PDF icon 12-50145.pdf
Clayton Walker V. Shawn Peterson and Brian Franklin CIVIL Schreier 42:1983 Civil Rights Act 2 012 Southern 12-4078 PDF icon 12-4078.pdf
USA vs. Richard Harris Bear Runner CRIMINAL Schreier ASSAULT WITH A DANGEROUS WEAPON 2 012 Western 12-50166 PDF icon 12-50166.pdf
USA vs. Juan Carlos Rivera CRIMINAL Kornmann Aggravated Sexual Abuse 2 012 Northern 12-10026 PDF icon 12-10026.pdf