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South Dakota Jury Instructions

Title Case_Typesort ascending Judge Issue/Charge Year_Filed Division Case_Number Document
USA vs. Esteban Chavez-Cruz, a/k/a "Amigo" CRIMINAL Schreier CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 2 014 Southern CR14-40021 PDF icon 14-40021.pdf
USA v Joseph Jimmy Reynolds, III CRIMINAL Lange Simple Assault 2 009 Central 09-30106 PDF icon 09-30106.pdf
USA vs. Danny Ferguson CRIMINAL Viken Arson 2 015 Western CR15-50082 PDF icon ferguson.pdf
USA v mario M. Contreras CRIMINAL Piersol Second Degree Murder 2 012 Northern 12-10047 PDF icon 12-10047.pdf
USA vs. Dylan Josiah Blue Bird CRIMINAL Lange Assaulting, Resisting, and Impeding a Federal Officer 2 022 Central CR22-30114 PDF icon blue bird.pdf
USA vs. Daniel York CRIMINAL Lange Involuntary Manslaugter 2 015 Central CR15-30068 PDF icon york.pdf
USA v James Ladeaux CRIMINAL Viken Assaulting a Federal Officer 2 011 Western 11-50128 PDF icon 11-50128.pdf
USA vs. Timothy Burns CRIMINAL Schreier Wire Fraud and Aiding and Abetting 2 018 Southern CR18-40001 PDF icon timothy burns.pdf
USA vs. Timothy Kenneth White Plume CRIMINAL Viken FELONY CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT; ASSAULT RESULTING IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY 2 013 Western CR13-50008 PDF icon white plume.pdf
USA v Steve Buchanan CRIMINAL Bogue Drug Manufacturing 2 007 Western 07-50118 PDF icon 07-50118.pdf
USA vs. Luis Torres CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 021 Central CR21-30022 PDF icon luis torres.pdf
USA vs. Ira Alan Arias CRIMINAL Lange Aggravated Sexual Abuse of A Child 2 017 Northern CR17-10025 PDF icon arias.pdf
USA v Bruce W. Motti CRIMINAL Kornmann Wire Fraud 2 007 Northern 07-10034 PDF icon 07-10034.pdf
USA vs. Samuel White Horse CRIMINAL Lange Second Degree Murder; Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury; Tampering with Evidence 2 020 Central CR20-30058 PDF icon samuel white horse.pdf
USA vs. Justin Janis CRIMINAL Viken Assault on a Federal Officer 2 014 Western CR14-50013 PDF icon 14-50013.pdf
USA v. Shana Schmidt CRIMINAL Lange Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 009 Central 09-30079 PDF icon 09-30079.pdf
USA vs. Zachery King Edward Conner CRIMINAL Schreier Interference With Commerce by Threats and Violence; Brandishing a Firearm During a Federal Crime of Violence; Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon 2 017 Southern CR17-40015 PDF icon Conner.pdf
USA vs. Michael Hoeft CRIMINAL Schreier Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance; Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person 2 021 Southern CR21-40163 PDF icon hoeft.pdf
USA vs. Shawn Russell Sorensen CRIMINAL Piersol Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance; Felon in Possession of a Firearm 2 016 Southern CR16-40062 PDF icon sorensen.pdf
USA vs. Jared Bourland CRIMINAL Lange Assault by Striking, Beating and Wounding (Lesser Included); Simple Assault (Lesser Included) 2 017 Central CR17-30153 PDF icon bourland.pdf
USA v Richard Parmley CRIMINAL Kornmann Possession of Firearm 2 008 Northern 08-10010 PDF icon 08-10010.pdf
USA vs. Jade LaRoche CRIMINAL Lange Assaulting, Opposing, Resisting, Impeding, Intimidating, or Interfering with a Federal Officer Involving Physical Contact (Lesser Included) 2 022 Central CR22-30003 PDF icon jade laroche.pdf
USA v Lori Seeking Land CRIMINAL Lange Conspiracy to Distribute Meth 2 010 Central 10-30053 PDF icon 10-30053.pdf
USA v Darla Yellow Earrings-Rosebud CRIMINAL Kornmann Assaulting, resisting, or impeding a federal officer 2 007 Northern 07-10042 PDF icon 07-10042.pdf
USA vs. Frank Sanchez CRIMINAL Schreier Abusive Sexual Contact 2 019 Southern CR19-40113 PDF icon frank sanchez.pdf
USA vs. Stoney End of Horn CRIMINAL Kornmann SEXUAL ABUSE OF A MINOR 2 013 Northern CR13-10037 PDF icon end of horn.pdf
Nicole Stafford vs. Jeffrey Van Beek CIVIL Schreier Personal Injury 2 020 Southern CIV20-4147 PDF icon van beek.pdf
Johnson v Gateway, Inc. et al CIVIL Schreier Job Discrimination 2 007 Southern 04-4186 PDF icon 04-4186.pdf
Sioux Falls Kenworth vs. Isuzu Commerical Truck of America CIVIL Lange Diversity-Other Contract 2 014 Southern CIV14-4187 PDF icon sf kenworth.pdf
Andrea G. Bjornestad v Progressive Northern Insurance Company CIVIL Jones Insurance Contract 2 008 Southern 08-4105 PDF icon 08-4105.pdf
Janvrin vs. Continental Resources, Inc CIVIL Schreier Petition for Removal 2 014 Southern CIV14-4124 PDF icon janvrin.pdf
Edwin Jakubowski, Jr vs. Christle Beuckens CIVIL Viken Personal Injury 2 016 Western CIV16-5116 PDF icon jakubowski.pdf
City of Spearfish vs. Duininck Inc CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Other Contract 2 014 Western CIV14-5039 PDF icon spearfish.pdf
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc vs. Rushmore Photo & Gifts et al CIVIL Viken Trademark Infringement 2 011 Western CIV11-5052 PDF icon smri.pdf
Kebede v. Hilton CIVIL Kornmann Alienation of Affections 2 005 Northern 06-1011 PDF icon Kebede.pdf
Loren Ainsworth CIVIL Schreier Railways: Fed Employer's Liability Act 2 018 Western CIV18-5019 PDF icon ainsworth final.pdf
Erickson v Riley CIVIL Simko Wrongful Death 2 006 Southern 06-4122 PDF icon 06-4122.pdf
DeNeui et al v. Wellman et al CIVIL Schreier Medical Malpractice 2 007 Southern 07-4172 PDF icon 07-4172.pdf
Carol Robinson vs. Megan Brennan CIVIL Schreier Job Discrimination 2 015 Southern CIV15-4095 PDF icon robinson.pdf
Cody R. Wientjes vs. Wayne Kanyuh CIVIL Kornmann 28:1441 Petition for Removal- Auto Negligence 2 017 Northern CR17-1005 PDF icon wientjes.pdf
The Estate of Elroy Wieting v Roger Buns and Paul Burns CIVIL Kornmann Liable, Assault, Slander 2 007 Central 07-3023 PDF icon Burns.pdf
Bair and Zephier, v Callahan CIVIL Lange Medical Malpractice 2 009 Southern 09-4009 PDF icon 09-4009.pdf
Kates et al vs. Blake CIVIL Viken Auto Negligence 2 010 Western 10-5025 PDF icon 10-5025.pdf
Deane Berg v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. CIVIL Schreier Product Liability 2 009 Southern 09-4179 PDF icon 09-4179.pdf
Gregory Warger v. Randy Shauers CIVIL Viken Tort / Motor Vehicle 2 008 Western 08-5092 PDF icon 08-5092-1.pdf
Linda Bishop v Pennington County CIVIL Schreier Job Discrimination 2 006 Western 08-5066 PDF icon 06-5066.pdf
Kenderidine vs. Schmidt CIVIL Kornmann 28:1332 Diversity-Wrongful Death 2 020 Northern CIV20-1030 PDF icon kenderline.pdf
James Lasley vs. Running Supply, Inc CIVIL Piersol Diversity-Personal Injury 2 013 Southern CIV13-4090 PDF icon lasley.pdf
Erik Jorgensen vs. Dave Schneider, and the City of Belle Fourche, SD CIVIL Viken Civil Rights (Employment Discrimination) 2 010 Western 10-5021 PDF icon 10-5021.pdf
Randall Latcham v Gaylon Eaves and Jim O Neal CIVIL Schreier Diversity Tort - Motor Vehicle 2 008 Western 08-5037 PDF icon 08-5037.pdf