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South Dakota Jury Instructions

Title Case_Type Judge Issue/Charge Year_Filedsort ascending Division Case_Number Document
USA v Ronald Bonestroo CRIMINAL Schreier USA v Ronald Bonestroo 2 011 Southern 11-40016 PDF icon 11-40016 Binder2.pdf
USA v Nathan I. Eastman CRIMINAL Kornmann Aggravated Sexual Abuse 2 011 Northern 11-10006 PDF icon 11-10006.pdf
USA v. Sandra K. Berry, Kim Bradley Catania CRIMINAL Viken Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance 2 011 Western 11-50096 PDF icon 11-50096.pdf
USA vs Jamie Munoz-Juraldo CRIMINAL Viken Illegal reentry after deportation 2 011 Western 11-50094 PDF icon 11-50094.pdf
USA v Marvin Little Hawk CRIMINAL Viken Assault with Dangerous Weapon 2 011 Western 11-50132 PDF icon 11-50132.pdf
USA v Cameron Schwartzle CRIMINAL Schreier Possession of Child Pornography 2 011 Southern 11-40039 PDF icon 11-40039.pdf
Klingenberg v County of Minnehaha CIVIL Schreier Civil Rights Act 2 011 Southern 11-4024 PDF icon 11-4024.pdf
USA v James Ladeaux CRIMINAL Viken Assaulting a Federal Officer 2 011 Western 11-50128 PDF icon 11-50128.pdf
USA vs Kerby St. John CRIMINAL Kornmann Domestic Assault by a Habitual Offender 2 011 Northern 11-10054 PDF icon 11-10054.pdf
USA vs. Robert Ford CRIMINAL Schreier Kidnapping / Confining 2 011 Southern 11-401116 PDF icon 11-40116.pdf
USA vs Winona Danley CRIMINAL Kornmann Assaulting, Resisting or Impeding a Federal Officer 2 011 Northern 11-10029 PDF icon 11-10029.pdf
USA vs Lyle D. Jack CRIMINAL Viken Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 011 Western 11-50105 PDF icon 11-50105.pdf
USA v Shanna Christine Moore CRIMINAL Lange Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 011 Central 11-30158 PDF icon 11-30158.pdf
USA v Patrick Brown Thunder CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Person Incapable of Consenting 2 011 Central 11-30133 PDF icon 11-30113.final_.pdf
Hot Stuff Foods, LLC v. Houston Casualty Company CIVIL Schreier Breach of Contract 2 011 Southern 11-4055 PDF icon 11-4055.pdf
Anna Fair vs Nash Finch Company and Sedgwick CMS CIVIL Viken Diversity-Account Receivable 2 011 Western 11-5005 PDF icon 11-5005.pdf
D & M Iron Horse Inn, LLC v. United Fire & Casualty Company CIVIL Viken Diversity-Insurance Contract 2 011 Western 11-5075 PDF icon 11-50075 combined.pdf
North Star Mutual Insurance vs. CNH America CIVIL Schreier Diversity - Insurance Contract 2 011 Southern 11-4133 PDF icon 11-4133.pdf
Huiner v. Arlington School District, et al. CIVIL Schreier Civil Rights Act 2 011 Southern 11-4172 PDF icon 11-4172 huiner.pdf
Norgauer vs. Graham CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Medical Malpractice 2 011 Southern 11-4124 PDF icon 11-4124 norgauer.pdf
USA vs. Michael Heath Thetford CRIMINAL Lange FELON IN POSSESSION OF FIREARM 2 011 Central CR11-30159 PDF icon 11-30159.pdf
USA vs. Scott Thompson CRIMINAL Viken FALSE CLAIMS 2 011 Western CR11-50054 PDF icon thompson instructions.pdf
Stoltesz v. Rushmore Plaza Civic Center CIVIL Viken Civil Rights Act 2 011 Western CIV11-5012 PDF icon 11-5012.pdf
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc vs. Rushmore Photo & Gifts et al CIVIL Viken Trademark Infringement 2 011 Western CIV11-5052 PDF icon smri.pdf
Dziadek vs. The Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company CIVIL Lange Declaratory Judgment (Insurance) 2 011 Southern CIV11-4134 PDF icon dziadek.pdf
USA v Cruz Hernan Porras-Palma CRIMINAL Viken Possession of Fraudulent Immigration Document 2 010 Western 10-50044 PDF icon 10-50044.pdf
USA v Justin Linder CRIMINAL Lange Possession of a Controlled Substance 2 010 Central 10-30033 PDF icon 10-30033.pdf
USA v Brian Dion Roach CRIMINAL Lange Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child 2 010 Central 10-30022 PDF icon 10-30022.pdf
USA v Azizia Peterson CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 010 Southern 10-40031 PDF icon 10-40031.pdf
USA v Javier Munoz-Ruiz CRIMINAL Piersol Illegal Reentry After Deportation 2 010 Southern 10-40088 PDF icon 10-40088.pdf
USA v James Michael Wilbourn CRIMINAL Jones Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 010 Southern 10-40007 PDF icon 10-40007.pdf
USA v Guillermo Ortiz CRIMINAL Jones Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 010 Southern 10-10047 PDF icon 10-40047.pdf
USA v Thomas William Frederick CRIMINAL Lange Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child 2 010 Central 10-30021 PDF icon 10-30021 redacted.pdf
USA v Phillip C. Running CRIMINAL Lange Production of Child Pornography 2 010 Central 10-30067 PDF icon 10-30067.pdf
USA v Leo Thomas Flynn CRIMINAL Piersol Distribution of Child Pornography 2 010 Southern 10-40012 PDF icon 10-40012.pdf
USA v Robert Medaris CRIMINAL Lange Tampering 2 010 Central 10-30057 PDF icon 10-30057.pdf
USA v James One Feather CRIMINAL Kornmann Sexual Abuse 2 010 Northern 10-10023 PDF icon 10-10023 redacted.pdf
USA v Donovan Tom Yazzi CRIMINAL Lange Child Abuse 2 010 Central 10-30050 PDF icon 10-30050 redacted.pdf
USA v Thomas R. Kelley CRIMINAL Piersol Failure to Appear 2 010 Southern 10-40010 PDF icon 10-40100.pdf
USA v JL Dye CRIMINAL Lange Consipiracy to Distribute Marijuana 2 010 Central 10-30098 PDF icon 10-30098.pdf
USA v Prairie Rose Whit Buffalo CRIMINAL Kornmann Second Degree Murder 2 010 Northern 10-10035 PDF icon 10-10035.pdf
USA v Leo Villarreal CRIMINAL Viken Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 010 Western 10-50082 PDF icon 10-50082.pdf
USA v Lori Seeking Land CRIMINAL Lange Conspiracy to Distribute Meth 2 010 Central 10-30053 PDF icon 10-30053.pdf
USA v Mark Martin CRIMINAL Viken Felon in Possession of a Firearm 2 010 Western 10-50086 PDF icon 10-50086.pdf
USA v Duane Dale Big Eagle CRIMINAL Lange Conspiracy to Commit Bribery of a Tribal Official 2 010 Central 10-30088 PDF icon 10-30088.pdf
USA v Lemoyne W. Blindman CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse 2 010 Central 10-30099 PDF icon 10-30099.pdf
David Twedt v Adam Dupic CIVIL Lange Civil Rights 2 010 Southern 10-4028 PDF icon 10-4028.pdf
USA v Viengxay Chantharath, et al. CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 010 Southern 10-40004 PDF icon 10-40004 Binder1.pdf
Skrovig v. BNSF Railway Company CIVIL Viken Personal Injury 2 010 Southern 10-4022 PDF icon 10-4022.pdf
Kates et al vs. Blake CIVIL Viken Auto Negligence 2 010 Western 10-5025 PDF icon 10-5025.pdf