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South Dakota Jury Instructions

Title Case_Type Judge Issue/Chargesort descending Year_Filed Division Case_Number Document
USA v Mohammed Sharif Alaboudi CRIMINAL Schreier CONSPIRACY TO ENGAGE IN SEX TRAFFICKING 2 012 Southern 12-40017-2 PDF icon 12-40017 Alaboudi.pdf
USA v Emmanuel William Nyuon CRIMINAL Schreier CONSPIRACY TO ENGAGE IN SEX TRAFFICKING OF A CHILD 2 012 Southern 12-40017 PDF icon 12-40017.pdf
USA vs. Colombe, et al CRIMINAL Lange Conspiracy to Retaliate Against a Witness 2 018 Central CR18-30013 PDF icon colombe.pdf
USA v James Victor McGilberry, Jr. CRIMINAL Schreier Conspirarcy to Distribute 2 008 Western 08-50081 PDF icon 08-50081.pdf
Lundstrom vs Homolka CIVIL Kornmann Contract Dispute 2 019 Northern CIV19-1006 PDF icon lundstrom.pdf
Brindle v. Hampden Engineering Corporation CIVIL Schreier Contract Dispute 2 012 Southern 12-4172 PDF icon 12-4172.pdf
Dziadek vs. The Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company CIVIL Lange Declaratory Judgment (Insurance) 2 011 Southern CIV11-4134 PDF icon dziadek.pdf
USA v Marc Sean Wisecarver CRIMINAL Battey Depredation of Government Property 2 008 Western 08-50087 PDF icon 08-50087.second.trial_.pdf
USA vs. Rebecca M Sotherland CRIMINAL Viken Deprivation of Richts Under Color of Law 2 014 Western CR14-50080 PDF icon sotherland.pdf
USA vs. Isaac Roubideaux CRIMINAL Viken Discharge and Brandishing a Firearm During a Crime of Violence; Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury; Failure to Register as a Sex Offender; Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person 2 021 Western CR21-50175 PDF icon roubideaux.pdf
USA vs. Maksim Stefanyuk CRIMINAL Schreier Distribution and Receipt of Child Pornography; Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 2 017 Southern CR17-40042 PDF icon stefanyuk.pdf
USA vs. Keven Allen Lamm, a/k/a Mike Malone CRIMINAL Schreier Distribution and Receipt of Child Pornography; Production of Child Pornography; Possession of Child Pornography 2 017 Southern CR17-40040 PDF icon lamm.pdf
USA v Joe Bradley CRIMINAL Schreier Distribution Controlled Substance 2 009 Western 09-50029 PDF icon 09-50029.pdf
USA vs. Alex Lee Salway CRIMINAL Viken Distribution Controlled Substance 2 012 Western 12-50066 PDF icon 12-50066.pdf
USA v Shavetta Georgetta Johnson CRIMINAL Schreier Distribution of a Controlled Substance Resulting in Death or Serious Bodily Injury 2 022 Southern CR22-40071 PDF icon shavetta georgetta johnson.pdf
USA vs. Michael Wayne Cooper CRIMINAL Schreier Distribution of a Controlled Substance Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury and Aiding and Abetting 2 018 Southern CR18-40136-01 PDF icon cooper.pdf
USA vs. Michael Wayne Cooper CRIMINAL Schreier Distribution of a Controlled Substance Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury; Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substanct 2 018 Southern CR18-40136 PDF icon michael cooper.pdf
USA v Leo Thomas Flynn CRIMINAL Piersol Distribution of Child Pornography 2 010 Southern 10-40012 PDF icon 10-40012.pdf
USA vs. Kevin Jay Mast CRIMINAL Schreier Disturbing Protected Wetlands of the United States (lesser included) 2 017 Southern CR17-40078 PDF icon mast.pdf
North Star Mutual Insurance vs. CNH America CIVIL Schreier Diversity - Insurance Contract 2 011 Southern 11-4133 PDF icon 11-4133.pdf
Randall Latcham v Gaylon Eaves and Jim O Neal CIVIL Schreier Diversity Tort - Motor Vehicle 2 008 Western 08-5037 PDF icon 08-5037.pdf
Anna Fair vs Nash Finch Company and Sedgwick CMS CIVIL Viken Diversity-Account Receivable 2 011 Western 11-5005 PDF icon 11-5005.pdf
Debbie Plucker vs. United Fire & Casualty Company CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Breach of Contract 2 012 Southern CIV12-4075 PDF icon plucker.pdf
Linda Miller vs. Huron Regional Medical Center, Inc CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Contract Dispute 2 012 Southern CIV12-4138 PDF icon miller v huron medical center.pdf
D & M Iron Horse Inn, LLC v. United Fire & Casualty Company CIVIL Viken Diversity-Insurance Contract 2 011 Western 11-5075 PDF icon 11-50075 combined.pdf
Norgauer vs. Graham CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Medical Malpractice 2 011 Southern 11-4124 PDF icon 11-4124 norgauer.pdf
Sioux Falls Kenworth vs. Isuzu Commerical Truck of America CIVIL Lange Diversity-Other Contract 2 014 Southern CIV14-4187 PDF icon sf kenworth.pdf
City of Spearfish vs. Duininck Inc CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Other Contract 2 014 Western CIV14-5039 PDF icon spearfish.pdf
Ruby Anderson vs. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc CIVIL Schreier Diversity-Personal Injury 2 015 Southern CIV15-4180 PDF icon anderson.pdf
James Lasley vs. Running Supply, Inc CIVIL Piersol Diversity-Personal Injury 2 013 Southern CIV13-4090 PDF icon lasley.pdf
Couch v. Lyon et al CIVIL Lange Diversity-Personal Injury 2 012 Central 12-3029 PDF icon 12-3029.pdf
USA vs Kerby St. John CRIMINAL Kornmann Domestic Assault by a Habitual Offender 2 011 Northern 11-10054 PDF icon 11-10054.pdf
USA vs. Alexander James Oka CRIMINAL Lange Domestic Assault by an Habitual Offender; Tampering with a Victim 2 017 Northern CR17-10037 PDF icon oka.pdf
USA v Harlan Garcia CRIMINAL Battey Drug Conspiracy, Drug Distribution 2 006 Western 06-50079 PDF icon 06-50079.pdf
USA v Olimedji Ayodele, et al CRIMINAL Piersol Drug Conspiracy, Drug Possess with Intent 2 007 Southern 07-40055 PDF icon 07-40055.pdf
USA v Edueta Palega CRIMINAL Kornmann Drug Conspiracy, Drug Possession 2 007 Central 07-30010 PDF icon 07--30010.1.pdf
USA v Alexandar Soto CRIMINAL Piersol Drug Conspiracy, Drug User in Possession of a Firearm 2 007 Southern 07-40059 PDF icon 07-10038.pdf
USA v Steve Buchanan CRIMINAL Bogue Drug Manufacturing 2 007 Western 07-50118 PDF icon 07-50118.pdf
USA v Clyde White CRIMINAL Battey Drug user in possession of a firearm 2 007 Western 07-50016 PDF icon 07-50016.pdf
Michael J. Meinen vs. Godfrey Brake Service & Supply CIVIL Viken Employment Discrimination 2 010 Western 10-5077 PDF icon 10-5077.pdf
USA vs. Robert Little CRIMINAL Viken Escape from Custody 2 019 Western CR19-50026 PDF icon little.pdf
USA v Thomas R. Kelley CRIMINAL Piersol Failure to Appear 2 010 Southern 10-40010 PDF icon 10-40100.pdf
USA v Wayne L. Nelson CRIMINAL Schreier Failure to Pay Child Support 2 008 Central 08-30028 PDF icon 08-30028.pdf
USA vs. David E. Cox CRIMINAL Viken FAILURE TO PAY LEGAL CHILD SUPPORT 2 013 Western 13-50082 PDF icon 13-50082 Binder1.pdf
USA vs. William Warrior CRIMINAL Viken Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 2 016 Western CR16-50132 PDF icon warrior.pdf
USA v Harold George Voice CRIMINAL Schreier Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 2 008 Western 08-30101 PDF icon 08-30101.pdf
USA v. Bert Cecil Lafferty, Jr. CRIMINAL Kornmann Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 2 008 Central 08-30085 PDF icon 08-30085.pdf
USA vs Phillip Running CRIMINAL Lange Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 2 019 Central CR19-30025 PDF icon running.pdf
Warner v Gannon, Inc. et al CIVIL Schreier Fair Labor Standards 2 007 Southern 05-4127 PDF icon 05-4127.pdf
USA vs. Scott Thompson CRIMINAL Viken FALSE CLAIMS 2 011 Western CR11-50054 PDF icon thompson instructions.pdf