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Daneta Wollmann appointed as Full-Time Magistrate Judge

April 2, 2018

On behalf of the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota, Chief Judge Jeffrey Viken announced today that the Court selected Daneta Wollmann to be the full-time magistrate judge in Rapid City effective April 1, 2018.

Judge Wollmann has been serving as a part-time magistrate judge since March 2015. The appointment marks the first time there has been a full- time magistrate judge position in the Western Division.
The Judicial Conference of the United States authorized conversion of the part-time magistrate judge position to a full-time position in Rapid City based on the District’s unusually heavy criminal caseload.

Judge Wollmann is a graduate of Purdue University and the University of South Dakota, School of Law. Prior to her service with the Court, Judge Wollmann was a partner at Banks, Johnson, Kappelman and Becker. Judge Wollmann also served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Civil Division and as a Deputy States Attorney in Beadle County. In announcing the appointment,

Chief Judge Viken stated “We are so grateful to have Judge Wollmann serve in a full-time capacity. Her strong background in civil and criminal work is exceptional. We look forward to Judge Wollmann’s next eight years of service to the public and the court.” Judge Wollmann serves with Veronica Duffy, who is the full-time magistrate judge in Sioux Falls, Mark Moreno who is the part-time magistrate judge in Pierre and William Gerdes who is the part-time magistrate judge in Aberdeen.