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South Dakota Jury Instructions

Title Case_Typesort descending Judge Issue/Charge Year_Filed Division Case_Number Document
USA v James Bruguier CRIMINAL Schreier Aggravated sexual abuse of a child 2 011 Southern 11-40012 PDF icon 11-40012_0.pdf
USA vs. Colombe, et al CRIMINAL Lange Conspiracy to Retaliate Against a Witness 2 018 Central CR18-30013 PDF icon colombe.pdf
USA v Jose Garcia, et al CRIMINAL Piersol Conspiracy to Distribute Possess with Intent to Distribute 2 009 Southern 09-40029 PDF icon 09-40029.pdf
USA vs. Richard Steele CRIMINAL Kornmann Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury 2 017 Northern CR17-10023 PDF icon Richard Steele.pdf
USA v. Jeffrey Harley Strom; and Austin Jon Dalsted CRIMINAL Piersol Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 013 Southern 13-40040 PDF icon 13-40040.pdf
USA vs. Gabriel Orlando Ramierz, a/k/a Cheech CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 019 Southern CR19-40035 PDF icon ramirez.pdf
USA v. Bear Killer CRIMINAL Schreier Felon in Possession of a Firearm 2 009 Western 09-50038 PDF icon 09cr50038.pdf
USA v Patrick Brown Thunder CRIMINAL Lange Sexual Abuse of a Person Incapable of Consenting 2 011 Central 11-30133 PDF icon 11-30113.final_.pdf
USA vs. Wayne William Thompson CRIMINAL Lange Possession of a Controlled Substance 2 016 Northern CR16-10042 PDF icon thompson.pdf
USA vs. Sidney Marshall CRIMINAL Viken Theft of Firearms; Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person; Possession of a Stolen Firearm 2 019 Western CR19-50049 PDF icon marshall.pdf
USA vs. Rebecca M Sotherland CRIMINAL Viken Deprivation of Richts Under Color of Law 2 014 Western CR14-50080 PDF icon sotherland.pdf
USA v Michael Seibel CRIMINAL Kornmann Aggravated Sexual Abuse 2 011 Northern 11-10021 PDF icon 11-10021.pdf
USA vs. William Warrior CRIMINAL Viken Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 2 016 Western CR16-50132 PDF icon warrior.pdf
USA v Jubal Rider Rattler CRIMINAL Schreier Larceny 2 007 Western 07-50090 PDF icon 07-50090.pdf
USA vs. Brandon Lindemann CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse 2 020 Western CR20-50113 PDF icon lindemann.pdf
USA vs. Roger Watts CRIMINAL Lange Assaulting, Resisting, and Impeding a Federal Officer 2 017 Central CR17-30017 PDF icon roger watts.pdf
USA v Mohammed Sharif Alaboudi CRIMINAL Schreier CONSPIRACY TO ENGAGE IN SEX TRAFFICKING 2 012 Southern 12-40017-2 PDF icon 12-40017 Alaboudi.pdf
USA vs. Dustin Red Legs CRIMINAL Lange Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child; Sexual Exploitation of a Child; Possession of Child Pornography 2 019 Central CR19-30073 PDF icon red legs.pdf
USA v Bryan M. Davis CRIMINAL Schreier Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 009 Central 09-30027 PDF icon 09-30027.pdf
USA v Randy Never Misses A Shot CRIMINAL Lange Abusive Sexual Contact 2 012 Central 12-30164 PDF icon 12-30164.pdf
USA vs. Eugenio White Hawk,Jr. CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse; Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2 016 Western CR16-50115 PDF icon white hawk.pdf
USA vs. Daniel Brown CRIMINAL Kornmann Involuntary Manslaughter 2 019 Northern CR19-10001 PDF icon brown.pdf
USA v Herron CRIMINAL Kornmann Sexual Abuse 2 007 Central 07-30123 PDF icon herron.pdf
USA vs. Paul Catches, Jr CRIMINAL Viken Arson and Aiding and Abetting 2 014 Western CR14-50129 PDF icon catches.pdf
USA v. Jeffrey J. Grimes CRIMINAL Viken Mailing Threatening Communications 2 011 Western 11-50029 PDF icon 11-50029.pdf
USA vs. Quentin Peter Bruguier, Jr. CRIMINAL Schreier Sexual Abuse; Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child; Abusive Sexual Contact 2 017 Southern CR17-40088 PDF icon bruguier.pdf
USA v Larry Jongewaard CRIMINAL Schreier Interstate Communications 2 007 Central 07-30095 PDF icon 07-30095.pdf
USA vs. Bennett Belt CRIMINAL Lange Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child; Sexual Abuse of a Minor; Abusive Sexual Contact of a Child 2 020 Central CR20-30091 PDF icon belt.pdf
USA vs. Kaitlyn Erickson CRIMINAL Lange Bank Fraud; Forgery 2 017 Central CR17-30043 PDF icon Kaitlyn Erickson.pdf
USA v. Wesley Thunder Bull CRIMINAL Viken Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 013 Western 13-50110 PDF icon 13-50110 - combined.pdf
USA vs. Rex Leon Burtis CRIMINAL Schreier Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance 2 019 Southern CR19-40023-03 PDF icon burtis.pdf
USA v. Shillingstad CRIMINAL Kornmann Assault with a Dangerous Weapon 2 009 Northern 09-10021 PDF icon 09-10021TT.pdf
USA v Daniel Tobacco CRIMINAL Viken Sexual Abuse 2 012 Western 12-50075 PDF icon 12-50075 redacted.pdf