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Attorney Newsletter September 2011

September 26, 2011

NEW FILING/PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR PHV MOTIONS: Beginning on October 1, attorneys who electronically file a civil Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice will be required to pay the $100 application fee using a credit card. When filing the motion, attorneys will be presented with security protected screens allowing them to enter their credit card information. Once the credit card information is processed, attorneys can review the docket text, which will contain the fee amount and the CM/ECF receipt number. An Internet Payment History report will be available to attorneys so that they can see what payments have been made via the Internet for a specified date range. Attorneys will not be billed for viewing this report.

MOTION FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE (PHV) FORM: We have recently adopted a single Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice form to replace the various forms that were previously used by the different divisions. The new form clarifies that attorneys moving for the admission of pro hac vice counsel have a duty to verify the bar admission status of any attorney they are sponsoring on a pro hac vice basis. Many state attorney licensing agencies have Internet-based databases that can be used to verify an attorney’s state bar number and status. Although we have adopted a uniform motion form, the orders still vary by division. If you are submitting a Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice in a Western Division case, it is not necessary to attach a draft order. In all the divisions, the new motion will eliminate the need for the pro hoc vice attorney to complete an Electronic Case Filing System Attorney Registration Form. The new Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice form can be found on our web site at

Monday, September 26, 2011