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Attorney Newsletter July 2019

July 12, 2019

FEDERAL PRACTICE COMMITTEE: Did you know there’s a group of federal practitioners who serve as liaison between the bench and bar? It’s called the Federal Practice Committee. The committee provides input on procedural changes and suggests changes to local rules, among other things. There are currently 22 committee members, including Melissa Hinton, who serves as chairperson. If you have a rule change request, please contact a committee member. For more information, double click on For Attorneys on the blue menu bar on the District Court’s website located at The Federal Practice Committee Guidelines and a list of committee members can be found under the heading Misc Info .

INTERNET PAYMENT HISTORY REPORT: The fees associated with filing several types of court documents can be paid with a credit card utilizing while electronically filing a document in CM/ECF. Such fees include the fees associated with filing a complaint in a civil case, motions for admission pro hac vice, and notices of appeal. The Internet Payment History report contains a record of such payments made by individual filers.

You can access the Internet Payment History report for an individual filer by logging into CM/ECF using that filer’s CM/ECF login and password and clicking on Reports on the blue menu bar and then clicking on Internet Payment History. The report will default to the last 30 days; otherwise, you can change the date range of the report as needed. Click on Run Report and a list of credit card payments made in CM/ECF utilizing during the specified period will be displayed. This information may be helpful to determine whether a payment was made, to determine whether duplicate payments were made, or to provide information to prepare a bill of costs. There are no fees associated with running this report. For more information about, see the CM/ECF User Manual.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Of all the questions the Clerk’s Office receives, the most common question is which event to use when filing a document in CM/ECF.

Like the District Court’s website, CM/ECF also has a search function. To search for an event in CM/ECF, click on Search on the blue menu bar and type a word or partial word in the search box and click the Search button. A list of active hyperlinks for all CM/ECF events and menu items containing the characters entered in the search box will be displayed. Click on an active hyperlink to immediately go to that event or menu item in CM/ECF.

If you click on Search on the blue menu bar in CM/ECF and nothing happens and you are using Internet Explorer, please go to the CM/ECF User Manual for help troubleshooting this issue.

Friday, July 12, 2019