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Attorney Newsletter January 2019

January 11, 2019

JURY INSTRUCTIONS: Did you know that the Court’s jury instructions are available on our public website ( The Court began archiving instructions on the website in 2007. To access them, click the blue “For Attorneys” tab and select South Dakota Jury Instructions. You can sort by case type (civil or criminal), judge, category, year filed, division, case number, or date submitted.

NOTICE FOR CM/ECF FILERS: Sharing your CM/ECF user account login and password and/or your PACER user account login and password with a third-party service provider or designating that provider as a secondary recipient of a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) will give it access to sealed case information and documents. You are urged to use caution in your computer security practices to ensure that sealed documents to which you have access are not disclosed in violation of court order. Fee exempt users should not share the documents they obtain from PACER under the exemption, unless expressly authorized by the court. See Amended Standing Order 16-04.

Monday, January 14, 2019