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Standing Orders

Title Divisionsort descending Order Number Order Date
E-Government Standing Order 2004-1 2004-10-20
Authorizing bankruptcy panel to hear and determine appeals originating in District of South Dakota All 2007-12-07
Plea Agreements All 2008-03-04
Subpoenas by FPD All 2009-01-06
Collateral Forfeiture Schedule All 2009-05-10
Transcript Fees for Official Court Reporters All 18-02 2018-06-20
Federal Public Defender Appointment in Ancillary Matters All 2010-07-28
Pre-Judgment Payments All 2011-03-11
Appointed Counsel regarding Retroactive Application to the Permanent Guideline Amendment Implementing the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 All 2011-10-07
Court Registry Investment System All 2012-03-14
Protocol within the United States Federal Buildings and U.S. Courthouses All 2014-01-06
Weapons within the U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse All 2014-01-16
Collateral Forfeiture Schedule Amending U.S. Fish & Wildlife violations All 2014-05-05
Defendants's Appearance during Trial All 2014-07-01
Appointed Counsel for Relief Under Amendment 782 to the Sentencing Guidlines All 2014-08-14
Filing of documents related to the sentencing of defendants All 2014-10-01
Jurisdiction of Magistrate Judge Duffy - General All 2014-10-16
Jurisdiction of Magistrate Judge Wollmann All 2015-03-17
Pretrial Services Reports filed in CM/ECF All 2015-10-15
Counsel for Persons Potentially eligible for relief under US vs Johnson All 2015-11-19
In the Matter of General References in Bankruptcy Cases All 1984-07-26
Access to criminal documents and transcripts - Amended All 16-04 2016-12-09
Special designation of jurisdiction to Bankruptcy Court to conduct jury trials All 1995-02-03
Disclosure of information regarding child victims All 1995-06-26
Disclosure of Recommended Special Conditions All 17-01 2017-04-06